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Helping Children Cope With Their Parents Divorce

Not everyone is blessed with a complete and happy family. It is quite acceptable to see broken families, children dealing with step mothers or step fathers, or children dealing with a single parent. Divorce is acquired by most couples who cannot deal with their relationship anymore, or simply cannot work things out between them any longer. When this happens, their children are the ones who suffer the most. They now encounter a state of depression, wherein they tend to think about what they had before as a […]

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Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation has become a more affordable and “harmonious” way to deal with one’s divorce. But it’s significant to note that not all divorce cases are meant for divorce mediation. In cases where you have an abusive spouse, the safety that the Court may provide would be recommended. When you are dealing with a spouse who perpetually argues with every word that passes your lips, then it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to confer about concerns of divorce through mediation. As long as there are issues […]

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Avoid Personal Disintegration From a Broken Marriage With Hypnotherapy for Break Ups and Divorce

When we fall in love and experience the first blush of romance, it seems to us that life couldn’t be better. The world seems perfect and rosy, and we cannot bear to think of ever living without our partner. Yet, the reality is that more often than not there is trouble in paradise; after a period of time spent together, the rosy hue dissipates only to be replaced by a sepia toned world. The divorce rates have gone up around the world in the last few years, […]

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